Thursday, May 28, 2015

Art Three Final Exam


I create Original Art
I did this painting right after I finished my big line painting. I was really in the painting mood but had no idea where to take it. Mr. Sands had made me a blank white canvas and I wanted to do something really cool with it. So I decided to experiment once again. I used wall compound mixed with paint to finger paint splotches of bright colors on to the canvas. I had no idea how it would turn out, or if it would even stick. It actually came out really cool, everyone asks how I got so much texture with the paint, and the answer is... wall compound. I had made a pinterest board prior to the start of this painting and saw a painting that was definitely my inspiration for this piece. Usually I'll see something online or even around the room that sparks an idea, then I just jump right in and see where that takes me.

I developed my art making skills
I did learn different skills making this piece. Wall compound is a little strange at first. There was no one telling me how to use it because no one had. I started out using a paintbrush but that just wasn't ideal, I ended up just using my hand to apply the compound and mix the paint. By this time I was pretty familiar with paint and this mixed medium just furthered my exposure. After this painting I was able to use the skills I learned and apply them to my following pieces.

We Collaborate
For this piece I made buildings using charcoal. I was inspired from a previous sketch I had done and really liked how the buildings turned out. When I finished them I couldn't quit tell if I was done yet. I talked to a few other students and the advice I kept getting was to add a sky of some sort. My whole table and Mr. Sands came up with two options, one of a sun setting and one abstract colorful option. Both were using chalk pastels. I liked both I really did but I had to choose the abstract option because it was more me. My tablemates did help me understand there perspective and why they thought I should add a sky, it was a really good call. 

 I take Risks
This project along with many this semester was out of my comfort zone. First off I had never used charcoal as a medium on this big of a scale. Along with an already very abstract medium I involved a very exact perspective element. Every part of me wanted to make it blurry and shaded, more abstract but I forced myself to keep those strong lines that I think in the end... gave it character. I wasn't sure I wanted to make a sky. I was comfortable where I was and didn't want to "mess is up". I took a risk and just went to town with my chalk pastels and it turned out really interesting!


This is the piece that I would do over, and honestly I might actually do it over. Not for the reason you might suspect. I actually love the way this piece turned out. Its totally my style, super abstract and very inspired. The one thing I regret about this project is making it so small. It would have been sweet to have this on a huge scale. I can definitely see myself doing it over in the future. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Exploring acrylic paint part 1

As I started to explore acrylic paint, I originally had a plan to paint a previous sketch I had done of a girl. (as seen below)

As I started my background I started incorporating more color and texture than I originally was thinking. I left a whole in the middle of the canvas for the girl but eventually realized I needed/was taking this painting more abstract. So I filled in the middle and just kept adding more layers of color and texture. I haven't painted much and this was slightly out of my comfort zone but I love the way it turned out. I plan to now take a much bigger canvas and paint this on a large scale.

Text art

For my first challenge in the Text art unit I decided to use one of my favorite quotes and big curly font on construction paper to write it out. This was a arty way to incorporate words and creativity into the same piece. 

For my second challenge I made a black out poem. Using a page out of an old book I colored over all the words, except the few that I wanted to keep for my poem. This book was fairly deep and dark therfore my poem is sort of disturbing. Because of the dark tone I have the bottom of the covered words turn from brown to red. 

For my final text art project I used modeling clay to make various size and shaped buttons. Next I painted each button a different color, keeping my color scheme very bright and neon. Then I used the buttons to spell out various words like the one above FIT. Fit symbolized what we use buttons for (to make something fit). While exploring art pieces using text art I really liked when artist did a piece that could be manipulated over and over again. This piece can be changed and altered as someone comes up with a new word or phrase, I like that.  

Monday, January 13, 2014


I took the word texture pretty literal. For this project I made a clay box. To apply the texture/pressure element to this piece I added little squares all over the box. On each small square I did a different design. The thing is I used another item to apply pressure on the clay to make the designs. Such a pennies forks clay tools little household items. In the beginning I was going to do a lot less squares on the box but once I got that amount on I did not like it and ripped them off then added more. I did choose to paint it, which is taking a while as you can see above. My favorite part of the piece is actually the size. I love how its so big it makes a statement especially because of the popping colors. If I could do anything differently I would probably go ahead and glaze it to speed up the process and make it much more simple.


I took repetition a little bit differently than most did. I made a set of things that would go together. Three different shapes and colors. But all compliment each other. I started with the idea of doing a set of clay vessel type items. I sketched out the general shape of the pieces I wanted to include in this set. As i went things changed and improved. On the sphere I originally had a handle but playing around with different shapes I realized that a ball handle would fit the piece better. The box I wanted to do something more with. So i cut a square in the top and filled it with glass so that when it went though the glaze kiln it melted and now it is all different colors of swirled glass. I really like the choice of shape and color with this set of items I think they went together really nicely. If I did this project again I would have done a better job connecting the two pinch pots I used to make the sphere because there is a pretty major crack in the back.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

land Art

Displaying photo.PNGLand art is art that is part of nature, usually not anything functional or permanent. For my project I decided to pick out a few random sticks, sand them, paint them with designs, then randomly place them back into the woods as if nature is giving us a pop of color. Something I would do is I would do a lot more because I really liked how they turned out.

Marble Drop

For my marble drop project I worked with Lauren. Our theme was boys vs. Girls the top was the boyish half and the bottom was the girly half, which we enjoyed much more! At the start of this project we had a guy in our group and since we all had VERY separate ideas so we decided to break it down the middle and compromise.He ended up splitting from our group but we decided it was still a cute idea and that we wanted to go with it. The most difficult thing about this project was the unknown problems that would pop up. You have to constantly test to see if the marble is going to cooperate with you or it its going to decide to fly out of the marble drop half way through, definitely a challenge. Our project has a variety of different tracks it starts in a metal coil tube goes down cardboard tubes through the crown down the shoes across the ramps and ends up in the bottom platform, we created all the tracks. If I could change anything about this piece I would just add more detail and features I would also make it so that the marble travels the entire thing slower it goes a little fast. I'm most proud of the overall look of the piece I think  it turned out great.